Corsa II Automatic Plunger Type Valve with Urethane Sleeve and European BSP Thread

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  • Axxiom Schmidt 2152-107 / 2152-108
  • Blastmaster – GV2152-107 / GV2152-108
  • N.A. Robson – PCV-125 / PCV-130

The PanBlast™ Corsa II Abrasive Control Valve has been developed from the Series I valve, to provide even greater reliability and efficiency.

The PanBlast™ Series II Corsa Valve is a normally closed abrasive metering valve requiring a pilot compressed air signal to open it, which then permits abrasive flow. The Series II Corsa Valve may be used on both pressure hold and pressure release blast pots.

When used on pressure hold, multiple outlet pots, the Corsa II Valve permits each operator to blast totally independent of each other. When used with pressure release blast pots, the Corsa II Valve prevents the blast hose filling with abrasive each time the pot is depressurized.


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