PBF Junior Respirator Airline Filter for One Operator

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  • Airblast B.V. – 42502.4
  • Clemco – CPF80 (03527)
  • RPB Radex – NV04-900
  • Cesco – 41P6


The PanBlast™ PBF range of particulate Breathing Air Filters play an integral role in operator safety and comfort. The PBF filter removes water vapour, oil mist and particulate form the breathing air supplied from a breathing air compressor.

The PBF Junior is the budget solution within the PBF Breathing Air Filter range incorporating many of the features of the senior PBF filters such as rugged free standing steel and cast aluminium body with pressure regulator, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and drain valve. Also included in the PBF Junior is a four (4) outlet anodized aluminium discharge manifold and the unique PanBlast™ Filter Support system.

The PBF Junior, dependent on local statutory bodies, has the capacity to supply up to four (4) operators.

NOTE - The PBF Breathing AIR Filter is not designed for the removal of Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide or other gases from the air stream. Alarms and/or converters must be used for operator protection from these gases.


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