Plana II Manual Disc Type Valve with North American NPT Thread

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The PanBlast™ Plana II NPT Abrasive Control Valve has evolved from the original Plana Valve, to become a simple in design, yet sophisticated in operation abrasive valve.

With a housing constructed from robust SG iron, and a metering plate constructed from stainless steel, the PanBlast™ Plana II NPT Valve takes this style of abrasive control valve to the next level of operation.

A set of nylon wiper seals provide sealing on each side of the metering plate, which prevents abrasive from entering the valve housing. This prevents jamming of the valve metering plate, which is a common problem with other types of flat type abrasive control valves, and also allows the valve to be used with a wide range of non-metallic and metallic abrasives.

A large clean out/inspection port, along with a drain port, are provided for greatly improved servicing and maintenance. Also featured is a pressurization port on the top housing, which allows a compressed air supply to be connected to assist in flushing out any blockages through the drain port.

Improved sealing of the metering plate stem using a combination of lip seals and O-rings, is also a feature of the PanBlast™ Plana II NPT Abrasive Control Valve.


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