Fina II Manual Plunger Type Valve with Urethane Sleeve and North American NPT Thread

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  • Axxiom Schmidt MV2-2127-107 MV2-2127-108
  • Midwest Finishing MV2 PU 1 ¼” / MV2 PU 1 ½”                            
  • Rapid Prep SM 2127-107 / SM 2127-108
  • Blastmaster GV2127-107 / GV2127-108


The PanBlast™ Fina II Abrasive Control Valve is the latest generation in the Fina Valve Series. Developed from the original Fina Valve, the Series II Fina Valve has several new features which make it one of the most efficient and effective abrasive valves available today.

The pipe nipple mounting system has been upgraded to eliminate locating the mounting holes in the nipple itself. This greatly reduces the risk of premature internal wear occurring at the point where the mounting bolts attach to the nipple.

A large drain plug has also been added to provide much easier clearing of blockages within the valve itself.

Servicing and maintenance is also simplified, as the entire control knob and plunger assembly can be removed from the valve body without the need to remove the valve from the blast pot. This allows both the plunger, urethane sleeve and the plunger seals to be changed quickly and easily.

As an added feature, all the internal wearing parts are fully interchangeable with the Series I Fina valve, overcoming the need to hold differing parts in stock.


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