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The PanBlast™ Soda Plus Max combination package is ideally suited for contractors requiring high production volume and/or abrasive flow, and resellers servicing the soda blasting Industry. Generic pressure blast machines can be retrofitted with the following leading edge PanBlast™ components:

  • The PanBlast™ 1 1/2” (38mm) Corsa II Abrasive Metering Valve is a normally closed spring loaded automatic type abrasive metering valve requiring a compressed air pilot signal to activate, permitting precise metering of soda media. Standard features include:
    • Non-Corroding Stainless Steel internal valve components
    • Solid Tungsten Carbide Plunger
    • Quad Plunger Seal arrangement
    • 1” Clean Out Port
  • The PanBlast™ 1 1/2” (38mm) Tandem Remote Control Valve is a rugged cast iron, pilot air operated, spring return diaphragm type valve. When fitted on pressure blast machines in conjunction with the PanBlast™ Corsa II Abrasive Metering Valve, the following machine operations are possible: air only blasting, air and water slurry blasting, or compressed air only blow down.
  • The PanBlast™ AirStop II Remote Control Handle is a robust, pneumatically operated remote control handle that is ideal, when used with the above valve combinations, for soda blasting. The PanBlast™ AirStop II Remote Control Handle incorporates the industry’s widest activation lever for greater operator comfort and control. The remote handle is failsafe, with a spring-loaded safety “lock out” mechanism to prevent accidental system activation.
  • The PanBlast™ 1/2” (12.5mm) AIN Water Induction Nozzle features both user-adjustable water feed rate and venturi air injector ports for achieving optimum air/water atomization in the nozzle slurry. The PanBlast™ AIN Induction Nozzles can be utilized in place of any conventional blasting nozzle with no modifications to, or upgrading of, standard blasting equipment required. Each nozzle consists of a wear resistant tungsten carbide liner protected by an external aluminum sleeve with industry standard 50mm (2" UNC) contractor threads.

All components of the PanBlast™ Soda Plus Contactor package are internally anodized and externally coated with a durable powder coating system for extended service life.


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