TLR-100/300 - 1 ½" Inlet Valve “Classic” with North American NPT Threads

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  • Clemco Industries – 01995
  • A-BEC Industries – 338-0725
  • Clemcal – 01995
  • BCS Industrial Solutions – 01995
  • Marco – KwikFire 125
  • Opta Minerals – 01995
  • Burwell Technologies - 01995


The PanBlast™ Sola 30 NPT Remote Control Valve is a tough, reliable inlet control valve, designed for use in conjunction with a separate exhaust valve such as the PanBlast™ HiFlo Exhaust Control Valve (or similar).

The PanBlast™ Sola 30 NPT Remote Control Valve along with all replacement parts, is completely interchangeable with the OEM product.

The valve features 38mm (1 1/2") screwed connections and is a piston operated type valve, which operates a plug and washer arrangement. This design provides positive and reliable operation, even under the most arduous operating conditions.

The PanBlast™ Sola 30 NPT Remote Control Valve is a normally closed, spring return type valve. Upon receiving a signal from the deadman control handle, compressed air enters the valve upper cylinder, which forces downwards the piston/plug assembly, thereby opening the control valve.

When the separate exhaust valve is operated, the air in the cylinder is exhausted from the valve and the spring then in turn closes the valve assembly.


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